relentlessly average
relentlessly average

End of Love

A few months ago, after a Saturday morning OU tutorial, I visited the Modern Art Oxford gallery.  I had walked past many times before and always been curious to see what was there and perhaps enjoy a coffee in the Café if nothing else.  So, being in Oxford anyway and not in any hurry to get home I decided to finally make the effort and go.

The exhibition that was there then didn’t didn’t blow me away, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn that admission was free.   This of course meant that it was only right to sit and have that coffee which (and I’ve been back since to make sure) is very good.

I also happened to be looking for a new notebook that day, and having failed to find anything I liked elsewhere I purchased this one from the giftshop…

notebook front cover

As I was paying, I noticed a book on the ‘past exhibitions’ shelf, the cover said “END OF LOVE” in bold, white capital letters on a black background.  Naturally I was intrigued, went straight over to investigate, and discovered that it was a script, of sorts, for a film.  It includes stills from the film along with the words for each of twelve short pieces.

I really wanted to share this but wasn’t able to track it down anywhere else online so hopefully no-one will mind me posting some of it here…

 end of love coverinside cover

my ruined heart flies with the dust

The titles of the twelve pieces (and links to some of them): Doubt, Rock of Gibraltar, Moon Song, Poison Town, City of Love and Fear, Love Never Found Me, Nobody, Going Down to Hell and Up to Heaven, The Lonely Astronaut, Love Letter, Jack.

The Modern Art Oxford exhibition information is here if you want to read more.


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