relentlessly average
relentlessly average

Half Marathon Madness

I began running years ago as way to lose some weight and have stuck to it with varying degrees of enthusiasm since then. This year I have had very twitchy feet, and desire to get in better shape before my 30’s begin next year, so started pushing myself to increase both the distance and frequency of running sessions. I had the idea that following a half marathon training plan might be a good way to achieve this, and it worked really well for a while, then it seemed natural to follow that through and sign up for a race. So I did.

This is the race I’m running and already feeling nervous/excited about:

Part of the reason to run an official race rather than just keep running further on my Sunday plod was that it gives me the opportunity to raise some money for a very important charity:


Update: eventual finish time was 1hr 59m 41s and I managed to raise £270 for Mind.   Thank you to everyone who donated, it is very much appreciated!


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