relentlessly average
relentlessly average


Summer holidays end.  Back to school.  The changing of seasons feels immediate with a drop in temperature (I quite like ‘having’ to reach for a hoodie to keep warm enough).  The light that’s been gradually fading since the end of June suddenly more obvious but with the gift of blazing sunsets – we’ve been lucky with clear evening skies this year – to ease us through to the longer nights of winter.  The approaching end of year comes a little more into focus.  Where has the year gone?  

Last September I was preparing to run the Oxford Half Marathon (usually on the first Sunday of October) but this year a ballot system put me off entering and now it’s nearly here I am grateful not to have had that pressure.  This year started big.  First, marathon running in April, then yoga teacher training from June through to August.  With most of the time just trying to keep going with everything else around the edges.  The week in week out stuff that feels like it gets in the way but actually is the way. 

One of the joys of these projects is having an external deadline and set of required steps that help shape the otherwise tiny decisions of a day, do I stay in bed an extra half hour or get up and run, read this novel or that yoga text?   When I get a free day in a period without those rainbows to chase and guide me I struggle to get going past the indecision about what’s “best” to do to occupy myself.  Then I have to remember to remind myself that it’s ok to slow right down and do as little as possible, maybe not even get up or go out today, which often has a strangely energising effect and I’m on my way (usually to the nearest coffee shop).  Slowing down, embracing the extra space in a week has it’s advantages.  On a rainy autumn day to sit and read for an hour rather than run feels extra cosy (although, I do quite enjoy a rainy run when that’s what’s happening). 

Now September has closed to October and a sense of closeness and fullness is here.  There seems to be more of whatever the weather has decided to do that day, more rainy rain, more sunny sun, the slow turn of light summer greens fading with a vibrant autumnal fire.  My week to week also feels a shift.  A burst of firey energy with this years last set of new music and choreography to learn and the excitement of sharing that with the classes I teach.  One of my day job shifts now reception at the chiropractic clinic instead of the gym floor so a slower pace, one person at a time, and much quieter (no gym music) which is suiting me very well and helping to sustain energy levels more than usual.  Also, (don’t tell the boss), giving me a little space to sit and type this with hopefully more to follow. 

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