Maximum Introvert

Today even writing captions for Strava and Instagram feels too socially demanding so a full blog post is out of the question. Here are some photos instead.

Onwards and, er, onwards.

Well, one week in and I was right that 2021 is likely to continue all the themes from 2020 and be just as difficult. Lockdown is kind of alright I suppose. There are worse places to be confined than my bedroom. The news from America of the seige of the Capitol and coup attempt has… Continue reading Onwards and, er, onwards.

Running into 2021

It’s here! So far no signs at all that 2021 will end up being any less stressful than 2020 but onwards we go. I skipped posting last week as I didn’t feel positive enough to share anything. This must have been down to hormones and hangovers as Christmas was actually okay. Notification from the NHS… Continue reading Running into 2021

Tiers Before Christmas

Only last week I wrote about getting back into the flow of things after lockdown. This week has involved mentally winding down for Christmas and then last night the PM announced a new much stricter tier for the South East and the planned five day household mixing reduced to just one day. It’s heart breaking… Continue reading Tiers Before Christmas

Back out of Lockdown

Missed a week last week. Being back to working at the gyms after lockdown must have caused some extra fatigue. It has been good to be back and teaching classes face to face with people though. On Friday I taught yoga and the energy in the room was so incredible, everyone breathing and moving in… Continue reading Back out of Lockdown

Are You OK?

Dear Reader, how are you this week? Are you OK? That question was asked by Meghan, Duchess of Sussex in this article and it is especially important to ask at the moment. Hard one to answer honestly though. I’ve been struggling this week. Mainly with energy levels. Last weekend I drank LOTS of wine and… Continue reading Are You OK?


The hangover to end all hangovers. Until the next one! Last night one bottle of wine turned into (ahem) more than one followed by dancing into the early hours of the morning and I woke up today having already hit half of my step count for the day! Not entirely sure what prompted it. I… Continue reading Hungover.

A Post a Week

A new writing practice. I’ve feel as though I need to get better, or at least to actually do writing more often, so have decided to attempt a weekly blog. It might be partly a reflection of the boredom of lockdown and fade away as soon as it ends but lets try and keep it… Continue reading A Post a Week

Pandemic 2020

It would be a mistake not to write something about the weirdness of 2020 I think. While you’re living through something and immersed in it it’s difficult to imagine life any other way but life has already taught me that when it changes whatever went before soon fades. This is going to be heavily navel… Continue reading Pandemic 2020

Books of 2020: Part One

Two years in a row I’ve wanted to do an end of the year round up of the books I’ve enjoyed reading most and twice started writing that out only to abandon it when we’re too far into the new year and new books for that to feel relevant. This year I’m going to try… Continue reading Books of 2020: Part One