relentlessly average
relentlessly average

Reasons to Live Through the Apocalypse

Pizza. Homemade bread. Homemade cake.

The moments in long runs when you’re so in the flow that you’ve forgotten then remember that you’re running. Running, even when it sucks. A hot shower after a cold run. A hot chocolate after a cold run. Coffee.

Reading in coffee shops with just the right amount of background noise for a bubble of focused peace. The particular quietness of being up and out and about before anyone else is. Meeting up with an old friend you haven’t seen for ages and it feels like no time at all.

A really decent nights sleep.

Body Pump. Savasana.

The view from the top of the hill. Magnolias blooming. The vivid contrasts of dark clouds clearing opposite bright orange sunsets. All the lights and shades and colours of the sky. Snowfall.

Bare feet at the beach. Bare feet in the grass after a hot run.

Clean sheets going straight back on the bed after having been taken off, washed, and hung outside to dry in the sunshine and breeze of a summer’s day.

Car-eoke. Selfies. Waking up in a tent.

Re-reading a favourite book. Re-watching a favourite film. Being blown away by a book or film for the first time. That song that just has to be played over and over and over again and you’re still not sick of it. Drunk dancing. Laughing yourself to tears.

Birdsong. Hearing the birds singing and realising that means the rain has stopped. Reading in bed while it’s raining outside. Brand new socks.

All the faces of your favourite people. The feeing of knowing that you are loved.

Inspired by this prompt.

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