relentlessly average
relentlessly average

Recipe for a Slow Saturday


An overnight rise, early morning shape, and bake. A loaf. Pizza dough divided up, one for the evening and two for the freezer (an experiment that hopefully will pay off time wise in future).


Book club is on Wednesday and I still have a way to go. I really like this quote that describes how I feel about this blog “The only way you can write the truth is to assume that what you set down will never be read. Not by any other person, and not even by yourself at some later date.”


Long run swapped to Friday in preference for a shorter/easy run today. To help my weekend day actually feel like a weekend day.

Movie (and blogging).

I’m massively biased in favour of the Marvel movies, because they’re great, but Justice League really didn’t do it for me. I was glad to have this to occupy me.


The main ingredient 🙂

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