relentlessly average
relentlessly average

Counting Down to Race Day

Only four weeks to go now until the next 50km race day. Maverick Race in Exmoor. Training had been going well up until a month ago but since the gyms reopened the midweek runs took a hit and the weekend runs have happened without enthusiasm. I’m not excited about the race at all. I don’t know what’s happened but I am not feeling the love at the moment. The first week or two I put it down to having maxed out on a couple of big effort runs but the joy hasn’t really come back. So, the countdown is looking forward to it being over. Which is weird.

What I am looking forward to is balancing out my training and being able to have more variety. I’ve lost a lot of strength over the last year which is frustrating but I’ve started doing regular gym sessions and lifting the heavy weights again so hopefully it won’t take too long to come back. Last year having the 50k to prepare for was a saviour but I have other things I want to focus energy and time on rather than just that. Like going for a drink with my friends now that we can!

Off on a tangent. A mega long podcast ‘Engineering the Apocolypse’ helped get me through Saturday’s long run. A discussion the possibilities of future pandemics and the danger that a much deadlier virus could be engineered (with one example that already has been) and either released accidently or one purpose by a ‘lone gunman’ type. Anyone who isn’t already worried about even a natural pandemic happening again within our lifetimes isn’t paying attention I think but this takes the terror to a whole new level! In an engaging and easy listening kind of way.

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