relentlessly average
relentlessly average

January ’21: Done

One full month of 2021 gone already. It’s weird how the last week, and month, seem to have gone really quickly. The snow of last weekend barely lasted 24 hours. Today is the last day of the month and Hot Chocolate Day, definitely something it’s sensible to be celebrated in the cold of January!

Yesterday I finished working through all the course materials for the running coach certification. I passed one of the sample quizzes but I want to have a re-read of some of the material before taking the final test. Then I need to find some customers hashtag ‘easier said than done’. My running has been pretty solid this week. I’m still trying to shift the Christmas weight gain and I think lack of NEAT is making more of a difference than I realised but that I could be doing more non-running exercise without it slowing down the running.

Today I watched a film about a running club that started from the missions in the Skid Row neighbourhood of Los Angeles where thousands of homeless people and addicts end up. The story follows a few individuals, all of whom have to commit to being sober before being able to join the running groups, after they have already made huge progress and are continuing to reintegrate into society. It’s always incredible to see how a few individuals with a will to help others can end up creating communities that literally transform lives. I couldn’t help thinking about the messages we often get in society in general are that being successful is about earning loads of money and we end up seeing celebrities or those with big jobs and followings as people we should look up to. I think what the people shown in this film have gone through and still managed to achieve a relatively normal life is much more impressive. The film is definitely worth a watch.

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