relentlessly average
relentlessly average

Sunshine On The Horizon

End of May Bank Holiday weekend. After one of the coldest, wettest May months on record the sun has finally come out to play. With one week to go now until the Maverick Race in Exmoor the chances that I’ll die of heat exhaustion or sunburn are now on a level with the possibility of leg muscles exploding due to the elevation. But I am now starting to look forward to it and think I could get round the full ultra distance. Maybe. Probably.

We’re two weeks in to being back indoors for group exercise which, thanks to the aforementioned disappointing weather, is a massive relief. It was way more stressful than expected worrying about people being too cold or whatever so it’s nice to be able to focus on just teaching the classes and I’ve picked up two new regular ones which is great.

I had my first vaccine dose! Which may or may not end up being nearly useless against all the new variants springing up. Fingers firmly crossed. It seems the idea that this whole COVID thing might have been leaked from a lab rather than just emerged naturally is starting to be taken seriously. That may not be the case. Either way, hopefully it’s a sign that measures are in process to make everything less traumatic if a pandemic ever happens again.

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