relentlessly average
relentlessly average

Still In Lockdown

Well, that posting every week plan didn’t last long! Hard to keep the momentum going. I can’t imagine I’ll ever end up reading these ever again but you never know. In a few years time, perhaps. So, still in lockdown. Watching too much Netflix, continuing with training and finding bigger hills, absolutely spitting with rage at the patricarchy (and despairing about the government). The usual.

Thankfully only one more week until the gyms are allowed to reopen and some outdoor classes. All being well, another month after that and group exercise will be back indoors. I still haven’t figured out how to make my fortune independently yet. I get ideas but am then very bad at taking action on any of it. To be fair, I did give myself permission to be as lazy as I wanted during this lockdown on the basis that I would make much more effort when the gyms reopen.

The weirdest thing at the moment is that I’m really looking forward to being around people again. Lockdown has been that long. And it is nice to be distracted from being in my own head sometimes. I give it three, maybe four weeks before I’m ready for another month off though…

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