relentlessly average
relentlessly average

Onwards and, er, onwards.

Well, one week in and I was right that 2021 is likely to continue all the themes from 2020 and be just as difficult. Lockdown is kind of alright I suppose. There are worse places to be confined than my bedroom. The news from America of the seige of the Capitol and coup attempt has been unsettling and I think worried me more than I’d realised. Even though it didn’t succeed that’s definitely not the end of it and even hoping humanity has learned enough from the past to not let it go that way again it could. This Ways to Change the World podcast was quite interesting to listen to. Reinforced the idea that it’s right to worry but in calmer way that was reassuring somehow than all the noise on Twitter.

Anyway, everyday life continues. Running has gone well this week. I ran a five km time trial and did way better than expected, under 25 minutes, which I hadn’t expected and the idea of improving on that seems impossible. But we’ll see. The baking mood caught me and as well as the usual sourdough, date and walnut variety this time, I tried a recipe from a Spelt recipe book that been unused on my shelf thus far. It was meant to be a rhubarb traybake but I think that is more sensitive to the seasons so it ended up being plum instead and it turned out brilliantly for a first attempt.

Most exciting, I’ve signed up for a running coach certification. Online so I don’t have to wait for lockdown to be over like the UK Athletics course that’s been postponed twice now. The UESCA one actually looks like it might a more useful course for getting started at least. I’m thinking I’ll still go ahead with the UKA whenever it comes around as there’s bound to be something different in there that’s worth it. Coursework starts tomorrow, for now it’s still Sunday so period dramas and red wine and cheese are on.

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