relentlessly average
relentlessly average

Welcome, 2022

Is it just me or do the weeks seem to go by really quickly. Three weeks in to the new year and the relaxation of Christmas feels like a long time ago. I ended up with a full week’s break as the gyms reduced timetables meant my classes were off which I wouldn’t have chosen (due to the reduced income) but ended up feeling much more restful than I had expected. Then January. This year no lockdown so things in general seem back to a normal routine, albeit different to what it was this time two years ago pre-COVID. As well as back to the usual full classes I picked up three new ones at a gym I can walk to, which is a luxury, plus a run group with the local Sweaty Betty store which feels more like fun than work. Although that’s an earlier start than I’m used to recently we’ve been lucky with clear mornings and spectacular sunrises so far which helps a lot.

Over the past few days I’ve been thinking how different the rhythm of the fitness industry is to what I had been used to working in a sales team all those years. That would build through each month, quarter, to a peak of busyness and stress at the March end of financial year then we’d all go out and get drunk several times over and gradually begin again in April. The gym worlds go quieter in December, but Christmas and New Year so party mode (although for me that is an introvert party at home by myself), then straight back in to the busiest time of the year. I think because I had had more of break this year I noticed the contrast more than usual. The fatigue from going from rested to full on hit hard this weekend and on Saturday morning my plan for a long run quickly changed to just get through 10km then get home to a bath and a book.

My own workout routine is still patchy as I get put off when the gyms are busy. One of the joys of running is being out in big spaces with more trees than people. I keep debating whether to get more kit for home but don’t have much room and would I actually train at home when the TV and books are right there. The bread baking continues, plateaued a good level, I was given a baking book for Christmas that I haven’t started reading yet but I’m hoping will help me improve or at least expand from the basic loaf. It doesn’t feel very noticeable yet but the days are getting longer and I have seen some buds appearing so spring will be back with us again before too long.

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