relentlessly average
relentlessly average

Are You OK?

Dear Reader, how are you this week? Are you OK? I’ve been struggling this week. Mainly with energy levels. Last weekend I drank LOTS of wine and predictably the tiredness lasted much longer than the hangover but it also led straight into my period which has been getting more heavy/painful/uncomfortable over the last couple of years. By the end of the week I then had cold symptoms – hopefully not COVID! Probably not. I had been doing a run streak through this lockdown but decided to abandon that yesterday in favour of a rest day. Today I have stayed in pyjamas all day and currently quite tempted to do that again tomorrow although I suspect the desire to run will overcome that after two sedentary days.

Even though I’ve not been in the best shape it has been quite a good week. Seeing an old friend for coffee has become a regular thing and I’ve had a couple of fun online social events. Left it to the last minute but I finally finished learning and filming myself teaching the new yoga-to-music class that’s being launched at DL to replace Body Balance (I don’t enjoy it as much but it’s either that or give up those classes which I can’t afford to do at the moment.) The coaching business mentorship course I was doing has reached the end of the eight weeks and been wrapped up but we get to join in again with the next round which is nice as there’s a lot to take in and put into practice so it will be good to have a refresher in the new year. And, most satisfying in the midst of everything else, MORE sourdough! I’ve discovered that if I bake it inside one of mum’s big cast iron Le Creuset pots it rises much better, I guess our oven wasn’t getting hot enough to do the job properly (it’s about 20 years old) but the pot has worked so well and the results are now consistently good that I’m feeling confident enough to start experimenting more with flavours. Below is a cheddar, onion and thyme loaf and next on my list is to try one with potato in or one with caraway seeds as my sister has asked for. Sorry, blogging about food when I can’t share is a bit cruel, I know. Right then, better get back to lounging around.

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