relentlessly average
relentlessly average


The hangover to end all hangovers. Until the next one! Last night one bottle of wine turned into (ahem) more than one followed by dancing into the early hours of the morning and I woke up today having already hit half of my step count for the day! Not entirely sure what prompted it. I opened a bottle of wine, it was going down really nicely and with no set reason to get up any day soon I just kept going. Years ago that used to be a frequent occurrence but I hope it will be a while again before the next one!

Yesterday started off really well too. I ran a new route, down off the Ridgeway trail and back up again, for a virtual Maverick Race event. Given the climb and that I hadn’t really intended to race it to start with I’m very pleased with the pace. Even after the uphill the legs found some fire and the final mile was the fastest of them all. It had been grey and cold at the start but warmed up as I went and reached the flat greeted by blazing bright sunshine. I bet if I could bottle and sell that feeling everyone who tried it would run. The thermos of hot chocolate and PBJ bagel waiting for me in the car were joyfully appreciated.

As usual for a Saturday pizza was on the menu for the evening. I’ve been on a sourdough baking roll for the last couple of weeks. A marmite flavoured loaf came out really well earlier in the week and yesterday I decided to do homemade sourdough pizza. Although I eat a pescatarian diet including dairy, fish and seafood (but no meat) I often enjoy vegan options and this was that. It turned out to be one of the best I’ve ever made (although the lighting was not very forgiving for photographing food at that point).

Zoom featured heavily in the rest of the week. Wednesday night was my regular book group meetup. We’ve just finished reading The Bone Collector by Jeffery Deaver which is a gruesome but very readable detective story. It’s a small group and I think it does me good to be able to socialise in a non-fitness related circle. Also a couple of free events came up, which makes it a no-brainer to join in, and I’ve really enjoyed be able to participate in events that pre-pandemic would have been out of reach or just scary and off-putting for this frequently exhausted introvert.

Speaking of exhausted, that’s enough for this week. I didn’t want the hangover to mean I missed the second week in to the weekly blog challenge but I am starting to go cross-eyed trying to work out whether the sentences make sense. Until next time.

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