relentlessly average
relentlessly average

Spring Has Sprung

Energy levels have been better this week. Solar powered. It’s been sunny every day which is a first for a while and has made such a difference to everyone’s mood. Although today, after a two hour run slipping along muddy trails and up and down around the woods, I am struggling to keep my eyes open. That might also have something to do with the lovely wine I had with the lovely supper I made on Friday, mezze cake, a layering of vegetables and antipasti and houmous that tasted even better on the Saturday.

Also helping energy and mood has been the announcement of a possible return to non-lockdown life. It looks like gyms will open a few weeks before group exercise classes restart. Although it’ll be a pain financially I am a little glad as that gives time to get used to being around people again before full, busy classes. Hopefully things will mostly back to mostly normal by the summer. Which means I should get to do the Maverick Race in early June as planned. And then I can go back to enjoying ‘JOMO‘ watching everyone else have fun while scrolling through quiet weekends at home. It was weird realising that I’d been worrying about how much other people are struggling with these restrictions, feeling a little responsible for trying to help keep motivation levels up, and then the relief that when people are able to go out and enjoy themselves again I can fade back into doing my own quiet thing.

The extra reading time has been enjoyable though. I finished off The Midnight Library by Matt Haig in a couple of days. How to Stop Time is still my favourite by Haig as that one felt more well crafted. But The Midnight Library was an interesting idea, a suicide attempt, and in the moment between life and death the character gets to experience all her possible different lives to find one that she wanted to live. It was a lovely story and it made me cry.

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