relentlessly average
relentlessly average

Lazier, Fatter, Faster, Colder

This week has felt really lazy. It didn’t start promisingly though, with a raging hangover, after having finished off far too much wine. That, and I think lockdown induced lethargy.

Monday ended up being a PJ day with no workouts and hardly any work although I did manage to bake a sourdough loaf. Tuesday is my rest day anyway and I decided to keep it that way rather than play catch up. Wednesday was book group. Thursday morning sunrise run was stunning. I also learned about something called ‘Tłusty Czwartek’ or Fat Thursday. Basically food fest before the sacrifices of lent which the Polish apparently celebrate with doughnuts. My mum said her family didn’t used to do that but I didn’t see that as a reason not to join in so I visited the Polish shop in town where they still had some plum doughnuts left for us. Friday I managed a non-running outdoor workout. Saturday I had an unexpectedly awesome workout. I might actually be getting fitter and faster at running. Amazing what can happen when you start putting a bit more effort in than usual! I keep getting ‘new heart rate threshold‘ notifications from Training Peaks which I think is a good thing. Sunday I took myself up to the Ridgeway, questionable given the weather (strong, cold winds and freezing rain towards the end), but definitely worth it.

I listened to a couple of enjoyable podcast episodes this week. In Focus with David Yarrow talking about his visit to North Korea, a fascinating country. And the Rich Roll interview with Alexi Pappas which was interesting to hear her talking about being at the Olympics both as an athlete and as a filmmaker and actress as well as her experiences with depression. I also finished reading Jane Austen at Home by Lucy Worsley which is excellent. There was so much detail it must have been very thoroughly researched and the author’s admiration for Jane Austen made it enjoyable to read which I think is an achievement for a biography.

Next week the intention is that I’ll have slayed some insecurities and got too busy working on work to have anything much to say. We’ll see.

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